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Clinical Trials - What You Need to Know

Clinical Trials - What You Need to Know

Clinical trials are central to the work of biopharmaceutical researchers - they advance the science of bringing new medicines to the patients who need them.

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Understanding Clinical Trials

This animation explains what clinical trials are, how they are conducted, and why they are important for patients with diseases like pancreatic cancer. The animation also provides an overview...

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Designing Clinical Trials

Presented by Dr. Brent Logan, PhD, Professor in the Division of Biostatistics, Medical College of Wisconsin. This lecture will provide an overview of study designs and statistical issues...

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Clinical Trials Overview: Phrases and Phases of a Clinical Trials

Dr. Hilary Vernon leads an informative discussion about the basics of clinical trials.

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Drawn to Science: clinical trials

Our Drawn to Science series shows you some of the cool things Roche scientists do in their labs and clinics to discover and develop innovative medicines. In this video, learn about how clinical...

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Human Guinea Pigs Can Cash In With Clinical Trials


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FDA and Clinical Trials

Mimi Riley, UVA School of Law, at the Darden Life Science BootCamp, April 16 2010.

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Fault Lines - Outsourced: Clinical trials overseas

US pharmaceutical firms have moved their operations overseas over the past decade. An increasing number of tests are being conducted on the poor in Russia, China, Brazil, Poland, Uganda and...

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Exploitation and ethics in clinical trials | Boghuma Kabisen Titanji | TEDxGoodenoughCollege

A woman in sub-Saharan Africa is part of a cutting-edge HIV clinical trial — but she can't afford a bus ticket to her health clinic, let alone the life-saving antiretrovirals she'll need....

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Clinical Trials.gov

Review of the clinicaltrials.gov website.

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Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Part 2

Fundamentals of Clinical Trials Part 2.

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Know the Basics Understanding Clinical Trials

Learn how you can play a role in research through clinical trials. This program discusses informed consent, types of trials, and phases of a trial. This program was offered in partnership with...

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Phase I Clinical Trials: Objectives, Design, and Endpoints

Lillian L. Siu, MD.

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ClinicalTrials.gov Tutorial

ClinicalTrials.gov Simple Tutorial - Meta Analysis on Cancer Trials 2003-2015: http://mitchalves.com/ClinicalTrials/CT-Cancer_2003-2015.pdf.

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The Clinical Trial Process Explained From Study Start To Closeout

The Clinical Trial Process Explained From Study Start To Closeout http://www.TheClinicalTrials.guru Call/Text: (949) 415-6256 Follow Me On: SnapChat: username is dansfera Instagram: https://instagr...

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Clinical Trials: It’s not just a phase!

This video covers the role of clinical trials within the drug development process in Canada. These trials have multiple phases, with each having a specific purpose in order to test the safety,...

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Introduction and Understanding of Clinical Trials

The presentation gives detailed introduction of Basics of Clinical trials that includes clinical trial phases and details of each phase, Clinical Study protocol requirements applicable in Biopharma...

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White Board: Clinical Trials 101

When you get sick, do you ever wondered where medicines come from? In four minutes, this 'Clinical Trials 101' Whiteboard will show you how stem cell therapies go from the lab, all the...

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What Are Clinical Trial Phases?

Watch this whiteboard animation to learn about the three main phases of clinical trials. Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. Understanding what they are can help you decide...

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Become A CRA With Zero Experience In Clinical Trials

Become A CRA With Zero Experience In Clinical Trials http://www.TheClinicalTrials.guru My CRO: http://www.DSCScro.com My CRA Academy: http://www.TheCRAacademy.com My Research News Site: http://www....

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What is a Clinical Trial?

Learn more at blumstudy.com, or contact info@blumstudy.com! Did you know that a clinical trial isn't conducted in a laboratory? Let the Blüm kids teach you about clinical trials! Brought...

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2- Clinicaltrials.gov: register your study

كيفية تسجيل الخطط البحثية في موقع clinicaltrials.gov لأبحاث كليات الطب والصيدلة وطب الأسنان والعلاج الطبيعي الموقع...

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The Journey of Clinical Trials

EFPIA Director General Richard Bergström.

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Ethical Issues in Clinical Trials (Lecture-49)


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How to analyze a clinical trial/binary event - AXON example - Part 1 unabridged

Using intepirdine as an example to predict binary event outcomes for clinical trials.

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Clinical Trials | Extreme Cheapskates

Mark lives in Las Vegas and manages to not spend any of his full time salary. | For more Extreme Cheapskates, visit http://tlc.discovery.com/#mkcpgn=yttlc1 For full episodes of Extreme Cheapskates...

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Why Are Children Needed for Clinical Trials?

Medically speaking, children are not just “little adults”: the composition of their bodies and maturity of their organs not only differ from those of adults quantitatively, a number of...

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What is a clinical trial?

What are clinical trials and how is a patient eligible to participate?

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Evaluating Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria in Clinical Trials


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Role of Statistics in Clinical Trials

Created at http://goanimate.com/

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How To Find Specific Studies For Your Research Clinic Using ClinicalTrials.gov

How To Find Specific Studies For Your Research Clinic Using ClinicalTrials.gov http://www.theclinicaltrialsguru.com.

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The benefits of using Clinical Trial Simulation

Roche's \

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Drug Trials

Video clips for the classroom looking at how science is used in the modern world. The programme includes items on the use of ultraviolet light in eye surgery, the ethics of drug trials and...

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